Friday, March 2, 2012

Basketball 2012

Not the best photo, but Noah is in the red jersey. He loves basketball almost as much as he loves soccer. It was so fun watching him play this season!

Sibling Love…

Maya is like Milo's second little mom…

Milo's Crazy Hair

Crazy hair while playing the piano! Milo loves sitting at the piano and experimenting…he's actually pretty good, too.

Milo is our little guinea pig…we love do funny things with his hair. He's such a little cutie!

Gingerbread Village 2011

We try to use candy that nobody actually wants to eat, but the M&Ms were a little to tempting for little hands.

We always make some sort of gingerbread house from scratch every year. This year we decided to make a gingerbread village.

A few little details like using hard candy for "stained glass" windows was new for us.

Licorice roof and a gum roof…just trying different things every year!


Milo's favorite toys: Books!

Christmas 2011!

Christmas is maybe our favorite time of the year…well, at least for the kids and myself. Dan puts on a good face…most of the time. This year was really fun because Milo was old enough to sort of know what was going on. Of course, after opening one present, he was set. The other kids kept saying, "Milo, you have more presents," but he wasn't interested. Christmas day is a family day even and even though we live so far away from our extended family, we cherish a leisurely day with just us.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011